Albert Edward Tulk - First Owner (1912 - 1931)

Venture capitalist, Lawyer

In 1898, 18-year-old Albert came west for the Klondike Gold Rush, and wound up settling in Vancouver. in 1911. He was a venture capitalist, a lawyer, and an avid sportsman who developed Vancouver’s first baseball park on the Powell Street Grounds (today’s Oppenheimer Park). He also co-owned a pro baseball team that played at Recreation Park at Nelson and Homer. His mom was the granddaughter of Sir Alexander Galt, one of the Fathers of Confederation.

Rosemary Tudor Style Architecture Drawing

In 1912, Albert Tulk hired the most acclaimed architects, Samuel MacLure and Cecil Croker Fox, to build his home, one of Shaughnessy’s landmark mansions.

The front view of Rosemary mansion

The Tudor revival home was built on two lots at 3689 Selkirk that took up almost two acres of land. Construction began in 1912, but the building was so large it took several years to complete. In 1914, to celebrate the mansion’s completion and the born of his first daughter, he named the mansion after his daugher, Rosemary

The side view of Rosemary mansion

Rosemary and her mother

Albert Tulk named the mansion after his daughter, Rosemary. Rosemary deceased on Feb 22, 2014, 100-year-old

John William Fordham Johnson, 2nd Owner (1922-1931)

B.C.’s 14th Lieutenant-Governor

B.C.’s 14th Lieutenant-Governor, John William Fordham Johnson, bought the house for $75,000, which was probably a bit less than it cost to build

In 1918, John became the vice president of B.C. Sugar, and in 1920 he became the president of the company. From 1931 to 1936, John was appointed the 14th lieutenant governor of British Columbia.

Austin Cotterell Taylor, 3rd Owner (1931-1947)

Former Director of the Bank of Canada

• Taylor made a fortune in the mining and lumber industries, notably through Bralorne Mines Ltd. of which he was President

• An influential business figure in Canada, in 1934 the Wall Street Journal announced his appointment to the Board of Directors of British Columbia Power Corp and later was appointed a director of the Bank of Canada

• In recognition of his service, Taylor was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

• He acted as a director for several Canadian entities, including the Royal Trust Corporation, the Bank of Canada, and B.C. Forest Products

• Austin Taylor was voted part of the inaugural class of inductees in the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame Builders category

• According to his biography at the Hall of Fame, Austin Taylor “assembled the most powerful stable ever seen in Western Canada during the 1930s.”

• His racing stable competed in Vancouver as well as at tracks throughout California

Convent of Our Lady of Cenacle, 4th Occupancy (1947-1995)

In 1994, the Sisters of the Cenacle decided to sell, and in 1996, the lot was subdivided in three, so new homes could be built on either side. In return, Rosemary was “designated” a heritage structure.

1995 - 2014, Western Asia Land Co. / Terrapin Mtge Invest Corp / G & P & P Sahota

Current owner, Mr. Zhao (2014 - Present Day)

In April 2014, Mr. Zhao bought the mansion Rosemary. Zhao spent over $6M in 6 years working with the best heritage consultants, contractors and artisans in restoring the Rosemary to her former glory

The completely renovated Rosemary, shining the perfect mix of elegant & modern